Admissions Overview

Application Process

Applications may be made at any time of the year and consist of completing a one-page information form and paying a $100 application fee. Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school at 9:30 am or at 3:30 pm. Enrollment is rolling admissions and will be accepted any time there is an opening. Enrollment is accomplished by completing an enrollment agreement (contract) and paying a one-time $300 registration fee. Pre-admission packets include:

Visiting Parent Co-Op

We encourage you to visit. We are located at 5300 S Shore Drive in Chicago’s Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood. Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school between 9:00 am and noon or between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Free street parking is available in front of the school. We encourage you to call ahead, 773-684-6363, to schedule your visit so we can be sure to accommodate you. Once a student is enrolled at Parent Co-Op, we allow parents unlimited access to their child and provide observation rooms where parents can observe without upsetting their child.

Note:​ Please do not park in the adjoining parking lots, as these are for private homes and other businesses.